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November 7, 2012 Micah

Why choose Hearthside?

Prompt and Reliable Professionals

National Chimney Sweep Guild

National Chimney Sweep Guild

Ever had a service technician to your home that left a lot to be desired?…. when they finally arrived that is?? Here at Hearthside, we are very appreciative of your business! Therefore, we honor our appointment times, every time! Or maybe you have had a bad experience with a contractor/crew who talked a good game and then showed up when they felt like it to complete your project?? Leaving tools and equipment laying around at your home for weeks on end, while they¬†were out bidding and starting other jobs? Not when you choose Hearthside. We do not do “spot work” and once we began your project we will see it through everyday from start to finish weather permitting.


We are the prefered choice of residential customers, relators and property management compaines alike, having built a rock solid reputation in the chimney & masonry industries. This reputation has been built from the ground up, based on trust, honesty, reliability and competitve prices. We have literally thousands of hard earned, verifiable references in conjunction with an extensive project portfolio to back up our company mission statement of pride and integrity in workmanship.


We know that you probably dont spend a good deal of time on a dangerous roof pitch or sticking your head inside of a dirty chimney..thats why you called us! We understand your hesitation in taking our word for it when it comes to things you cannot see from the ground or inside your fireplace. Rest assured that any concerns or issues that we may find in areas that you cannot easily view will be documented with photos. During a chimney sweep/inspection, we also perform a rigorous 21 point evaluation. At the completion of the service you will be left with a condition report detailing the service and any issues or recommendations we may or may not have found necessary. During any masonry project we also document the process by taking a series of before, during and after photos. We are more than glad to provide you with copies of these photos after your work has been completed.

No Mess …Whatsoever….Gauranteed!

Have you ever had a service technician in your home, tracking muddy shoes accross the carpet, with no apparent respect for you or your property? Or a contractor who left behind an enormous mess at your home/jobsite? Never when you choose Hearthside. Every single technician and mason on our team holds themselves to stringent standards in regards to respecting and protecting your property. We either wear shoe covers or remove our shoes prior to entering your home without your having to ask. Any area of your home susceptible to debris or damage as a result of or service will be covered and protected. Often times we hear customers say there driveways, yards, hearth areas etc are cleaner after we finish than they were before we started. During a chimney sweep we also use special 5 layer hepa filters on our vaccums that capture extremely fine dust and particles.

We Work Closely With Real Estate Agents & Home Inspectors

We understand that buying/selling a home can be a stressful process. Often times, home inspections reveal overlooked chimney & masonry issues which need to be addressed in order to proceed with the sale. Hearthside Chimney & Masonry is the preferred choice among realtors and home inspectors alike, having gotten the opportunity to work with many agents/inspectors over the years, earning their trust and repeat business. All of our warranties are transferable to the prospective buyer.Rest assured, we will resolve whatever problems you may have with excellent workmanship, in the most effective and economical way possible.

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