October 29, 2012 Micah

Hearthside Chimney & Masonry just completed repairing severely deteriorated mortar on our rock wall around the driveway. They were professional, knowledgeable and hardworking. They showed up on their scheduled times and stayed with the project until completion. They held the cost to quoted contract with no surprises. They also did some additional work at no charge. They also inspected our chimney and it was okay. I can highly recommend them.

—Carl Osseforth

I never dreamed that Hearthside Chimney & Masonry could replace 30 year old brick and have it match the existing brick so beautifully!  Our repaired chimney looks good as new! Excellent workmanship! They arrived on schedule, completed the work faster than expected and it looked much better than we ever expected! I was worried about debris and damage to the landscape but they worked around the bushes / plants and cleaned up EVERYTHING! The landscape looked like they were never there! Thanks for the great work!

—Jim K

We contacted Hearthside for a second opinion on a chimney inspection we had performed by another company. After the first company told us that we needed a $7000.00 repair for a new chimney liner, they refused to share any pictures or documentation with us in regards to the damages. After calling our insurance company, not only were they not going to cover the supposed damages, but were actually going to drop us if we did not have the "issues" fixed. We were panicked! After contacting Hearthside for a professional 21 point inspection, they were able to provide thorough documentation proving that there was actually nothing wrong with our chimney liner, setting our minds at ease and solving our home insurance issues. They did however discover another exterior structural issue outside that had we not been made aware of would have gotten worse and eventually ruined our chimney. They resolved the issue and did a fantastic job! Thank you!

—A. Unkraut

Hearthside restored a large area on the exterior of my home where the foundation had settled. We had a total of about 55 broken bricks and damage to the mortar. We were extremely nervous as to how this would look as the original brick was no longer in production and had to be matched. Let me tell you, these guys do fantastic work! The end result far exceeded my wife and I's expectations.

—Jason J

The folks at this company removed a window adjacent to my front door and enclosed the opening with brick to match my existing brick. Great job would highly recommend them!

—Vickie C.

I have used these guys for 5 seasons in a row now on my fireplace. On time, extremely knowledgeable and overly polite. I couldn't imagine there is anyone better.

—Amanda B

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