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Flashing Repair Cincinnati

March 13, 2013 Blog Micah

Unfortunately, many homeowners in the Cincinnati & Northern KY areas have or will experience water issues originating from their chimneys, often resulting in the need for flashing repair. In regards to leaky chimneys, however, there are a multitude of possible contributing factors aside from flashing repair that could be the culprit(s). Masonry built chimneys are […]

Masonry Repair Cincinnati

March 5, 2013 Blog Micah

Are you one of the many homeowners who has noticed that your home or hardscape is need of masonry repair in the Cincinnati or Northern KY areas? Unfortunately, deterioration to masonry is all too common to both new and old structures alike. Structural settlement, age, and moisture damage can all contribute to the need for […]

Tuckpointing in Cincinnati

February 28, 2013 Blog Micah

Have you ever heard the term Tuckpointing and wondered exactly what that meant? It is commonly used as a generic “catch all” term referring to any repair or installation of masonry mortar joints. The earliest known derivative of the term Tuckpointing actually resulted from a very early process, whereas a line was formed in the […]

Chimney Repair Cincinnati..Done The Right Way!

February 21, 2013 Blog Micah

Spring is almost here in the Cincinnati area and it is time that we begin to think about critical exterior maintenance projects such as chimney repair. Thousands of homes of all ages in the Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky areas are in need of chimney repair and maintenance at any given time. If left unresolved, even  a small […]

Chimney Cleaning or Chimney Sweep?

February 6, 2013 Blog Micah

In the chimney industry there are a great deal of technical terms and nomenclature used by professionals and homeowners alike to describe different aspects of a chimneys structure, as well as methods used to repair and maintain those structures. As in any other business, the use of misguided or inappropriate labels often leads to ambiguity […]

Challenging Chimney Sweep in Northern KY

January 23, 2013 Blog Micah

For many homeowners, the interior of their chimney is often “out of site out of mind” and the necessity of a regular chimney sweep to safely maintain the venting system a mere afterthought. Unfortunately, this philosophy will all too often carry consequences. While many of you reading may be under the false assumption that performing […]

The Benefits of a Top Mounting Fireplace Damper

January 16, 2013 Blog Micah

For many fireplace owners there is a dreadful and extremely frustrating aspect of operating an otherwise relaxing and problem free chimney system….the fireplace damper. The problems associated with traditional fireplace dampers, commonly referred to as “throat dampers” are endless. For those of you reading this and nodding your head, the headache of wrestling with these […]

Shocking Chimney Inspection in Florence KY!

January 8, 2013 Blog Micah

The cold weather is here to stay and its that time of year when your fireplace is a very welcomed aspect of your home. That means it’s also the time to have your fireplace/chimney inspected for safety and efficiency. Maybe you have just bought a new home and are seeking the piece of mind that […]

Chimney Repair in South East Indiana!

November 17, 2012 Blog Micah

We recently competed a masonry chimney repair project in South East Indiana. Unfortunately, the damaged bricks on the chimney had been out of production for several decades.  It took 2 weeks for us to find a match so we could replace the damaged bricks and make it match the rest of the house and chimney […]

Welcome to Hearthside

October 29, 2012 Blog Micah

Hearthside Chimney & Masonry, your prompt & reliable professionals, have been proudly serving the Greater Cincnnati, Northern Kentucky & S. East Indiana areas since 2006. We are a full service chimney & masonry contractor with over 30 yrs experience in our industries. Being fully insured and having literally thousands of local & verifiable references, Hearthside […]