Chimney Repair in South East Indiana!

November 17, 2012 Blog Micah

We recently competed a masonry chimney repair project in South East Indiana. Unfortunately, the damaged bricks on the chimney had been out of production for several decades.  It took 2 weeks for us to find a match so we could replace the damaged bricks and make it match the rest of the house and chimney by relying on the close relationships that we maintain with major building suppliers.

Exterior chimney repair projects such as this can either turn out looking fantastic or awful depending on the experience of the individual performing the work and there pride in workmanship. The majority of our masons have done nothing but this type of work their entire lives, providing superior craftsmanship in regards to chimney repair. Hiring a jack of all trades for this type of project is not conducive to achieving the best result.

Another thing to consider when completing a chimney repair is matching the color and texture of the existing mortar. We are experts at matching bricks and mortar during chimney repair & masonry restoration. We currently stock over 90 mortar colors and also offer custom mixes.  Notice the picture of the two bricks next to each other; one is new and one is the original 30 year old brick!  What a match! Chimney Repair complete and the homeowners are ecstatic!! Check out our chimney & masonry pages for more pics and info on masonry & chimney repair!

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