Shocking Chimney Inspection in Florence KY!

January 8, 2013 Blog Micah

The cold weather is here to stay and its that time of year when your fireplace is a very welcomed aspect of your home. That means it’s also the time to have your fireplace/chimney inspected for safety and efficiency. Maybe you have just bought a new home and are seeking the piece of mind that comes along with a professional chimney inspection? Or perhaps you are experiencing draft/smoke problems and want them resolved?

The National Fire Protection Association recommends an annual inspection of your chimney. Even if you had operated your fireplace or appliance last season without any issues, there are still concerns that need to be evaluated, such as an animal creating a nest blockage in the flue during the warmer months.

The picture shown is of a chimney smoke chamber taken during a chimney inspection in Florence KY. If you look close you will notice the wood grain pattern in the material used in the sides….THAT’S BECAUSE IT IS INDEED WOOD!!! Obviously, you don’t need to be a chimney expert to realize that using combustible material to construct the interior of a chimney is by no means “to code” and is EXTREMELY UNSAFE!

Needless to say, the customer was made aware of the unsafe condition and instructed not to operate this fireplace until the combustible material was removed and replaced with “to code” non combustible masonry material. This is by far one of the most extreme and blatant code violations we have seen and are very grateful the customer contacted us for a professional 21 point chimney inspection before putting themselves in danger of a chimney fire.

chimney inspection

Dangerous fire hazard revealed during a chimney inspection.

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