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February 21, 2013 Blog Micah

Spring is almost here in the Cincinnati area and it is time that we begin to think about critical exterior maintenance projects such as chimney repair. Thousands of homes of all ages in the Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky areas are in need of chimney repair and maintenance at any given time. If left unresolved, even  a small issue has the potential to turn into a major issue exponentially, both from a safety standpoint & monetarily.

The winters here in Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky are often harsh, causing damage to masonry structures via the “freeze thaw cycle.” The freeze thaw cycle is a process whereby moisture penetrates masonry structures such as brick & stone chimneys during the winter months. That moisture then freezes while in the structure and expands. This expansion causes a stress load to be put on the masonry units and mortar joints. In turn, this results in damage to the chimney structure, being as that masonry will not flex enough to allow for the expansion of said moisture when it freezes.

Chimney repair done properly is not a job for the “do it your-selfer.” These tasks almost always involve dangerous heights & the need for special tools and knowledge. Chimney repair performed incorrectly can lead to a multitude of problems. For instance, a number of historical homes in the Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky areas were constructed with a historic, period appropriate type of mortar. If the repair is performed by someone who lacks the knowledge to determine what type of mortar is holding the structure together, you will have a terrible looking job at best and eventually, complete failure of your structure at worst. The primary risk is from a safety standpoint. Make sure the company you are employing to perform your chimney repair is fully insured and are experts in properly staging roof scaffolding and work areas to protect you and your property.

Hearthside Chimney & Masonry, serving the Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky & S.E Indiana areas, has over 30 yrs experience specializing in masonry & chimney repair. We are adept at proper chimney repair & maintenance applications, both new construction and historical. All of our work is covered under warranty and the repair process is photographically documented. We have literally thousands of references from satisfied customers in the Greater Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky areas. In addition we are A+ rated accredited members of the BBB & members of the National Chimney Sweep Guild. Rest assured, we can professionally assist you with virtually any chimney repair or masonry construction issues/projects that you may have, while still providing affordability during these tough times! Contact us today online @ !!


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