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October 29, 2012 Micah

If it is Made From Brick, Block or Stone… We Can Build, Repair or Restore it!

We are a full service masonry contractor and are proud to offer expert craftsmanship in virtually every facet of masonry work. Don’t waste you time or money hiring a “jack of all trades, master of none” to perform your masonry work. Many of our masons have done nothing but this type of work their entire lives.

New Construction

From a simple brick mailbox, elaborate outdoor living area or a brick wrap for your new home addition, we can build to your specifications and budget.

small fireplace meant for outdoors 3 chambered outdoor fireplace brand new outdoor hearth addition


Do you have ugly, broken or spalled bricks? Maybe you need your masonry cleaned and waterproofed? Over the years, we have saved thousands of masonry structures from ruination that were often thought to be irreparable by our customers.

missing bricks from wall brick wall repaired and waterproofed anything missing bricks can be repaired the corner of this house has had its bricks replaced and cleaned

Tuck pointing/ Re-Pointing

Cracked or missing mortar joints?? We can help!!

Tuck pointing is actually a generic term used to describe the repair of masonry mortar joints. Specifically, tuck pointing is defined as placing new mortar in the holes/cracks over top of whatever old material still remains. The problem with this process is that there is most often not enough surface area to achieve a proper bond. These repairs will often fail after the first winter “freeze/thaw cycle.” Those who are not masonry specialists often lack the knowledge to perform these repairs properly. You have probably seen a horrible looking pointing job in the past with mortar all over the brick, already falling out again. We actually perform a process called re-pointing where we remove all of the old material to an acceptable depth. We then clean the joints before installing the new mortar. Preparing the joints in this fashion ensures a proper bond that will last a very long time. There are also different types/strengths of mortar, especially varying in historic circumstances. Lacking this knowledge and using the wrong material can create serious problems, even causing the structure to eventually fail. Rest assured, we are experts and know the difference.

brick wall is missing mortar brick wall has its mortar restored reparing mortar joints correctly

Color Matching

We understand that when you are contemplating a masonry repair or restoration, having the new material match the existing material is of the utmost importance. We work very closely with every major building supply yard in the Tri-State area to ensure we are providing the best match available. Rest assured, if we cannot match your style/colors to an acceptable level, no one can.


We offer the application of the best vapor permeable water repellent on the market. It carries a 10 yr warranty via the manufacturer to continue performing well.

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