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March 13, 2013 Blog Micah

interior water damage as a result of failed chimney flashing

interior water damage as a result of failed chimney flashing

Unfortunately, many homeowners in the Cincinnati & Northern KY areas have or will experience water issues originating from their chimneys, often resulting in the need for flashing repair.

In regards to leaky chimneys, however, there are a multitude of possible contributing factors aside from flashing repair that could be the culprit(s). Masonry built chimneys are extremely porous in nature and are susceptible to the elements. Often times a vapor permeable water repellent is in order to help to greatly reduce said inclement weather from penetrating the structure.

Failed chimney crowns are another possible culprit aside from flashing repair that could potentially cause a chimney to leak. The crown is the masonry slab that finishes off the top of the chimney or chase itself. The primary function of the chimney crown is to shed water off of the structure. An excellent analogy is to think of the sunroof of your car being stuck open. It doesn’t seem like a big deal until water destroys your $20,000.00 cars interior. Chimneys are not particularly cheap structures either, thus making a pound of prevention worth an ounce of cure concerning chimney crown maintenance.

Homeowners often mistake failed mortar joints or severely spalled bricks on the exterior of their masonry chimney for needing flashing repair. Failed mortar joints in need of repointing or severely damaged bricks are an open invitation for water to enter and need to be corrected immediately,as the freeze thaw cycle will cause damage exponentially once said failure has occurred. This will quickly lead to the structural failure of the entire chimney if left unattended.

If you have a good deal of water coming directly down your chimney and have noticed a lot of water staining on the interior of your firebox, chances are you need a chimney cap and not chimney flashing repair. A chimney rain cap/animal screen/spark arrestor is an absolute fundamental necessity to the front line of protection. Not only do they protect from all of the aforementioned issues, they are very affordable in comparison to their importance.

We have mentioned just some of the many issues that may contribute to a leaking chimney. However, if you are noticing water on the interior of your home at the ceiling line as shown in the picture, you may indeed be in need of flashing repair to your chimney. We are flashing experts & are knowledgeable in all aluminum, colored metals and copper flashing applications. There is only one correct way to install flashing. Sadly, we have seen it done many other ways. Contact us today to inqure as to what makes us unique in regards to flashing repair here in Cinicnnati & Northern KY.

Hearthside Chimney & Masonry, your prompt & reliable professionals, proudly serving the Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky & South East Indiana areas are flashing experts with over 30 yrs exp. We are BBB A+ rated, fully insured with ample references. Check out what are customers are saying about us on our testimonials page, Angies List or Yelp! Contact us today for all of your flashing repair needs!

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